We are committed to assisting our customers enjoy their mobile products and services without the fear of large, unexpected bills. In June we made some changes to how we alert our customers to their domestic data use and how we generate data use bill records on our network.

We have introduced new data alerts when our customers reach 50% and 85% of their data allowance. This is in addition to our existing 100% alert. Our previous 80% data alert has been replaced with the 50% and 85% alerts, so customers now receive up to three alerts during the month.

We have also changed the way we generate billing records for domestic data use on our network so that they are applied more quickly. We have changed this so that a data record is created and applied after a customer has used 100MB-130MB of continuous data.

Most of our customers, especially those who use smartphones, will use 100MB-130MB of continuous data, especially if they use services like video streaming or applications that rely on a constant data connection such as email applications. Customers who do not generate 100MB-130MB of data continuously will continue to have a billing record created every 24 hours or when the data connection is terminated.

The change to the way we generate data charging records means our data alerts can be delivered more quickly providing up-to-date information and helping them to avoid bill shock.

The change to our network service together with our new data alerts may result in customers receiving data alerts earlier than they had done previously during the month. Customers may also begin to see blocks of data use between 100MB-130MB on their data usage meter. This is not an error and is the result of our recent changes.

These measures build on other initiatives we have put in place to help our customers stay in control of their mobile data usage. On 30 April 2013 we introduced international roaming data alerts, where our customers are sent data usage alerts via SMS each time 20MB of data is used when roaming. We also introduced our Telstra 24×7 app that provides our customers visibility and control of their mobile spend direct from their device. It also gives them the ability to purchase or upgrade a data pack that is better suited to how customers use data. The 24 x7 app is available on iOS and Android and has just become available on BlackBerry 10 smartphones this week.

For more information on managing your data usage, visit the ‘Your Data’ page on the Telstra website.