In the heat of the moment, there’s nothing more irritating than a spike of unexpected lag that robs you of a well-deserved chicken dinner. And then you hear the TV streaming from the other room… GG. There goes any chance of keeping up with your squad for the rest of the night.

Online gaming lives and dies on the bandwidth of two things: your home network and your Internet connection. The gamers here at Telstra – and there are thousands of us! – know this, and some of us have been working behind the scenes within the business on a special project.

If you’re a Telstra fixed broadband customer, you probably already know about the Smart Modem included for new customers on sign up; it’s our award-winning, Australian designed broadband modem with built-in 4G backup for if your fixed line goes down. We love it – it makes our lives easier as well as yours, helping keep you online if there’s a network outage and making it simpler to get Wi-Fi throughout your home.

It turns out our Smart Modem is actually gutsy enough to run DumaOS, the ultra-configurable operating system from Netduma. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you might already have heard of DumaOS – it already runs a few gaming routers out there with expensive price tags on them. So, when we were exploring the best way to give our Telstra gamers a boost, it was a pretty easy decision… but we want you to put it to the test to see how it stacks up.

Telstra Game Optimiser is designed to give gamers a competitive edge. We’ve already taken steps to optimise our network for gaming, but the big opportunity is within your own home network. Game Optimiser on an eligible Smart Modem helps combat network congestion by prioritising gaming traffic and gaming devices over other internet-connected devices and traffic in your home, and helps reduce lag by letting you choose what bandwidth your device needs.

It also improves your multiplayer competitiveness by helping you hand-pick the closest servers to improve latency for the game you’re playing. It works for more than just games, too – you can use Game Optimiser’s network monitor to spot bandwidth-hogging programs and devices, helping you to switch off a pesky system update or unexpected download when you’re about to settle down to a movie.

We know that milliseconds matter in gaming, even more than they do with a video call or a big download. In that moment, you want everything to run smoothly. There are millions of gamers in Australia and a lot of them choose to play with Telstra on our leading network when it comes to latency*. Now we have a way to give you more control and help improve the latency experience of your gaming.

As we get closer to the commercial launch of Game Optimiser, we want our most avid eligible gaming customers to see how it can help. We’re running an early access program to an open beta with most of the final functionality of Game Optimiser, and we’d love your expert feedback.

The setup is as seamless as it can be – subscribe and we’ll take care of updating your Smart Modem’s software automatically. From there, test your experience across whatever online games and devices you like best, and with whatever network congestion you normally put up with at home, and let us know what you think. We’ll use that feedback to improve Game Optimiser before and after its official launch.

We’re running the open beta for customers with an eligible Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 and nbn fixed broadband plan that want to give it a try, as well as all our own in-house gaming fanatics, from now until November 9 – when we officially launch Game Optimiser. Fixed wireless and nbn Basic speed plans unfortunately won’t work with Game Optimiser. Open beta customers will automatically roll onto a one-month free trial on 9 November, followed by a paid subscription one month later for $10 a month plus your existing nbn charges if you don’t cancel before the end of the trial.

We really think that Game Optimiser is going to make a difference where it counts. Millions of game consoles, gaming PCs and home network routers are plugged in around the country with default settings that can be improved by Game Optimiser. More importantly, we’ve already seen the improvement that Game Optimiser makes to the pings of our favourite game servers and the advantage that prioritising gaming traffic in your home network brings to your gaming experience.

If all this sounds pretty tempting for that next iso-session of Fortnite or Valorant or League of Legends, you can learn more about Game Optimiser and sign up here.

Things you need to know

* Telstra ranked #1 for nbn average round trip latency performance. ACCC Measuring Broadband Australia – Report 9 – May 2020.

Telstra Game Optimiser Open Beta will conclude on 9 November. From 10 November all eligible Telstra nbn customers will be able to add on Telstra Game Optimiser with a one-month free trial, then the subscription is $10 per month, plus your existing nbn plan charges. Open Beta customers will automatically roll into the one-month free trial followed by paid subscription if they do not cancel their subscription prior. Requires Gen Smart 2 Smart Modem. Incompatible with Fixed Wireless and with nbn Basic speed plans. Customers looking to participate in the beta trial will need a modem serial number beginning with CP and to check their MyTelstra app to confirm eligibility.