Happy Easter! Welcome to the week of chocolate and bunnies, where it is completely acceptable to stuff your face with chocolate eggs several times before 11am.

As much as I love eating my weight in chocolate, I’m here today to chat about eggs of a different kind. Android Easter Eggs, that is!

Many Droidheads will already be familiar with Android’s hidden treat, but if you’re new to the Land of Droid, you may be up for a surprise!

These eggs can’t be found behind the couch or in the bookshelf; rather, they’re hidden in the depths of your Android device.

Finding these delightful techolate eggs is easy. Simply open Settings, select About Phone or About Tablet, before tapping quickly on your Android version number a few times with excitement.

What will you find? Well, that will depend on your version of Android…


The scariest of Easter Eggs, Gingerbread features a zombie-filled landscape of TERROR that will haunt you while you sleep. Don’t open around children.

The Gingerbread Easter Egg


You will find an electric-blue honeybee, rumoured to be inspired by the movie Tron: Legacy. Rezz away!

The Honeycomb Easter Egg

Ice Cream Sandwich

One of my favourite Easter Eggs, 4.0 features a cute pixel Android robot wearing an ice-cream sandwich mumu (the epitome of fashion, I assure you!).

Long press this fashionable ‘droid to access a nyan cat inspired flying animation.

The Ice-cream Sandwich Easter Egg

Jelly Bean

This version features a smiling Jelly Bean, so happy you have come to say hello. Long press this guy to access a game where you can flick these guys all about!

The Jellybean Easter Egg


This Easter Egg is three-levels of secret goodness. First you are greeted with a big ‘K’, which you can tap and it spins around. Tap it a few times (or tap once for a long time) and it will change into a Kit Kat/Android logo mash-up. Tap and hold that and you will reach a wall of Easter Egg icons, a homage to its hidden Egg heritage.

The KitKat Easter Egg

What’s your favourite Android Easter Egg?