In just under a month I am undergoing a makeover. That’s right… it’s time again for me to shed it all — my hair that is! In what’s become almost an annual event, I will shaving my head for the Leukemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave.

This is going to be my 12th shave in 13 years!

Why do I do it? I guess because I am lucky enough that for me, it’s still a choice. The funds raised will go into research to find a cure for leukemia and other blood cancers. 

Every day, 31 Australians are diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma.

The Leukaemia Foundation’s National Research Programme has committed more than $30 million in blood cancer research funding since 2005. Every dollar invested by the Foundation generates an additional $5.20 because projects funded typically attract funding from other bodies, such as government.

Outside of research, the Foundation provides support to patients undergoing treatment and their families. The time between diagnosis and hospitalization can be very short, resulting in major disruptions to families. This support can be in the form of education, emotional support and accommodation for regional families who need to relocate to be closer to treatment facilities.

So how can you help?

A small donation can go a long way to making a difference to those suffering this terrible disease.

  • $27 can provide emotional support to help someone overcome the shock of being diagnosed
  • $32 can help improve treatments and find cures by funding a PhD student’s lab supplies for a day
  • $58 can support people who are too ill to drive, by providing a day’s transport to and from treatment
  • $80 can give a family a place to call home for a night if they’ve had to move close to treatment
  • $116 can keep a car on the road for two days taking people to and from treatment

So while we enjoy the fun side of fundraising, participants know there is serious work being done to help us all.

My target this year is $8,000. With your help, we can provide a family with 100 nights of accommodation, or 138 days of transport for patients.

If you would like to partner me in achieving this goal, please visit my fundraiser page.

If you get approached to donate to the World’s Greatest Shave, please do. If you want to participate – sign up on their website.

Thanks once again for your support. Stay tuned for the before, during and after pics!