We held a real-world meetup with our Google+ friends last weekend and it was a total blast to meet some of the fans we regularly engage with online. I thought I would share some of the highlights and pics from the event for your viewing pleasure.

With almost 40,000 fans on our Google+ business page and one of our fastest growing social communities, we thought we would take it to the fans to see if they wanted to get together and put faces to the online names!

The response was fantastic! To arrange the venue for the event, we posted options for time slots to gauge the most convenient time for our +’s. They chose a Saturday afternoon much to our delight. We then fan sourced venue ideas, and ended with a call to +1 your favourite venue. If you are not familiar with Google+, a +1 is very similar to a Facebook ‘Like’, so our fans made a series of suggestions and the broader community voted on the favourite by ‘+1’ their favourite venue.
We ended up at a popular bar in Melbourne called Three Degrees who kindly reserved a bunch of tables outside for us. Perfect weather blessed the day and around 25 people turned up to be met us, Dan and Leigh, the Google+ Community Managers – and we had a couple of nice surprises up our sleeves.

It was a great afternoon and proved to us our Google+ community are just as much fun and as well informed offline as they are online!

Why not Circle us on Google+ and take a look at all the pics snapped by YOU at the event.

Would you be interested in a real-world meetup with our Community Managers in your fair town?