Our Google+ community is a highly engaged and tech savvy community of enthusiasts from all different walks of life, as we recently found out at our first ever Google+ Melbourne Meetup.

Recently we started discussing blogging as a topic and what we uncovered was a vast array of our ‘plussers’ contributing to the world of blogging! It was amazing to see just how many bloggers are out there running blogs at home as a hobby and many who are taking it to different levels with regular pod casts, amazing photography, tech programming and of course, the odd Android focussed blog (our G+ fans are clearly Android centric).

As a way of sharing that passion for blogging I thought it would be great to share with you the links to their blogs and maybe help them along some way.

I hope you enjoy checking them out, following along and of course joining the conversation with us on Google+.

David Pattinson is a Brisbane based Photographer, Filmmaker and Outdoor Adventurer. http://davidpattinson.co/

An agency blog, focussed on research, integrated comms and PR, brand identity, social media, design and web, social impact and aged care marketing.


Steve’s blog! As he describes it, one beans place in space. A bit of aviation and a whole lot of technical stuff that flew over my head (sorry about the pun Steve)


Brad’s blog is all about this aussie guy into his tech, gadgets and gaming.


Mapital is a Digital Engagement company working with organisations (maybe such as yourself) to understand and plan their role in the digital world


Android analyse is as you might expect all about Android! A really colourful and beautifully laid out blog.


A lovely personal blog written by someone just like you, for the fun of sharing interesting things. Awesome.


A writer and online media professional Marshwah says it like he sees it.


One for the sports fans!


I’d say Beau is a bit of a digital native, he’s been around the social and online space before the beginning of time. He’s a part time web guy, data dude and social media junkie.


Ahh one for the Windows & Windows Phone fans, nice to see.


A mixed bag blog of auto stuff, tech stuff and a bit of humour. Love it. Great name too, Daniel J


This one makes the little kid still inside me want to jump for joy. It’s all about learning and making fun stuff with electronics. Awesome.


Need a bit of travel inspiration? Nothing like some stunning photography to set the scene and give you ideas for your next holiday.


Justyn shares a hole variety of stuff on his personal blog covering a wide range of topics: goes to show that blogging can be just about anything you like. Oh and he works for BigPond as a tech support consultant!


This one is pretty high tech. Kunal is a webby kinda guy who also develops apps for Windows Phone 8 – nice one Kunal!


Iain is an interesting guy who also tackles just about any topic he fancies, he describes himself as a  ‘a thirty-something network engineer, currently in the employ of a medium-sized US-based vendor of network equipment.’


Dwandroid is a dedicated Android blog for fans of all things Android – tips, reviews and functionality ideas.


So as you can see, a very wide and diverse collection of bloggers putting themselves out there and doing their own thing. So great to see, so many inspiring stories, so much great information to share and read! Thanks to everyone for bringing all of these great blogs to our attention. And of course, if you like all things Ducati, make sure you check out my own personal blog at Ducati Blog Australia – how could I resist a little personal plug after all?

Are you a blogger? Would you like to share your blog with us? Leave us a link in the comments below.

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