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Going Green on the Inside

Telstra News

Posted on November 19, 2010

4 min read

After spending 6 months last year in Telstra’s Industry Analyst Relations Team (in Corporate Strategy) I got taste for how experts view trends in the telecommunications and see under “Industry”.

One example of an industry analyst company is Juniper Research and which published a white paper on “Green Growth for Handsets” and the results are fascinating.

While carbon emissions from handsets are relatively low compared to the carbon generated in the networks powering them, life cycle impacts means handset environmental impacts are not trivial. Under a transformational scenario, Juniper Research predict more than half a billion green handsets shipped globally.

So what is Telstra doing about this and how are we tapping this market?

Nokia E72
Quite a lot. First, I am impressed with the new Nokia E72, the latest environmentally-responsible phone we have lauched with Nokia into the Enterprise market. So much so do I like them, I have one and 2 others in my team are getting them . Second, this is in fact, a new generation productivity device – with sound environmental credentials.

Increasing Productivity

More than just a Smartphone, the Nokia E72 enables you and your staff to efficiently communicate and collaborate. In addition to voice calls, text, and email capability, the Nokia E72 when combined with Telstra’s Collaboration Solutions allows you to attend a meeting, view live presentations and share information, so you can make fast, informed decisions.

The Nokia E72 lets you collaborate at a moment’s notice with:

  • ­Virtual presence of your colleagues through Office Communicator (available with Microsoft Office Communicator Server)
  • ­Microsoft Exchange server connectivity to synchronize email, calendar and contacts
  • ­Intuitive one-touch nav keys for Home, Calendar, Contacts and Email
  • ­Messaging and Organiser capabilities


On the productivity issue, have ever wondered why people find it challenging to have virtual meeting (i.e. to use the conferencing facilities on a mobile device like the E72? Complete the survey I have been running for about a year now with more than a 100 respondents. Click here to take survey.  Once you have completed it, see all the results so far.

Improving Sustainability

Engineered to more sympathetically interact with the planet, the materials used in the Nokia E72 have been carefully selected, as part of a life-cycle framework, to minimise its environmental footprint. Even the packaging has been reduced to a more compact size and is 100% recyclable. This smart device is a result of Nokia’s ongoing research and commitment to sustainable development through connectivity, recognised by a first place rating (7.5/10) on Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics 2010. Furthermore, Nokia have developed a range of Green Apps, such as 101 Green Tips, 66 ways to Absorb Carbon, Green Charging and Battery Extender all available for purchase. Here are the environmental credentials include:

  • High efficiency charger with unplug phone reminder
  • Optional power save mode and ambient light sensor to help reduce energy usage
  • Materials free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BRFs)
  • To support the device’s environmental credentials, in partnership with the MobileMuster program, Telstra is including a reply paid satchel with every Nokia E72 device.

Consumers Don’t Just Want A Green Phone

Delivering a fully managed mobile email, messaging and collaboration solution, Telstra is Connecting People with Organisations, available with the E72, enabling you to enjoy the productivity and environmental benefits of teleworking, with Telstra’s Next G™ network coverage in metropolitan and major regional areas. But I am not a salesperson! For more information about the new Nokia E72, including a great range of accessories, contact your Telstra representative.

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