There’s nothing better than upgrading to a shiny new smartphone.

When I get a new mobile, the first thing I do is set it up with my favourite content. That means transferring across all my music, contacts, emails, photos – and downloading all the apps I can’t live without. If I do this over the mobile network, it can add up to a fair amount of data use in the first month.

You have told us that this is what many of you do as well and as a result, many of you use more data in the first month of your new contract than you usually would.

We’ve listened and have made some changes to help.

From today if you sign up to a new eligible Mobile Accelerate Plan (plus a handful of other plans noted below) you’ll receive an extra 25GB of data and unlimited voice/SMS/MMS to standard Australian numbers, all to use in Australia for the first month of your new contract, all for no additional cost.

We want you to be able to set-up, try out and enjoy your new device with the peace of mind that you have a generous data allowance to play with, and won’t exceed your voice inclusions.

We know cost certainty is important to you so we continue to look for new ways to ensure you won’t face surprise bills. Recent changes include reducing our excess data rate by 70% to 3c/MB and the introduction of a voice safety net, which caps the monthly plan fee plus excess voice charges for all call types included in our plans to $130 per month.

Top tips for setting up your new smartphone

Making a smooth transition to a new smartphone can sometimes be hard with our phones now containing so much data and information. We’ve pulled together a few tips for making the switch seamlessly.

  1. Find a good transfer app. There are loads of apps out there that can help you transfer your music, photos, messages, and calendar items from your old phone to your new one over Bluetooth or via your PC. Look online or your app store for some popular ones.
  2. Back up your data. There is nothing worse than losing all those contacts and precious pictures. Make sure you have all your contacts, photos and other data saved before you switch devices. Back up in Google, iCloud, T-Cloud or another cloud service to prevent disaster.
  3. Check your settings. When you switch to your new device, make sure you check the settings. This could include screen, battery, privacy and safety settings.
  4. Note down your favourite apps. We all have our favourite apps that we cannot live without. Note them down before you switch devices, especially if you are switching operating systems and need to search a new app store.
  5. Factory reset your old phone. Once you’ve backed up your data, don’t forget to restore your old phone to its original setting so there isn’t any of your personal data floating around. Make sure you are happy with your new phone set-up before you do this.

* The POMC is available for new and recontracting customers who sign up to a new Mobile Accelerate Plan (including BYO), Data share plans (consumer and business), Business Performance Plans and DOT mobile 12/24 month contracts. Peace of Mind Commitment isn’t available on Mobile Accelerate Casual Plans.

Other things you need to know: Not available to customers on a Mobile Accelerate BYO Plan recontracting within 12 months of their plan start date. Some usage is excluded, such as calls/text/MMS to premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers), 1234, 12455, 12456 and satellite numbers, content charges and use overseas. Unused allowances expire after a month