Working to provide a fast, safe and reliable broadband service for our customers is at the core of our business strategy – customers don’t want to worry about their broadband service, they just want it to have it work when they want to use it.

Customers have told us that their two biggest concerns with Broadband are knowing the service will work when they go to log on and knowing they have enough data to last the month. This week we’ve launched services directly aimed at addressing these concerns.

ADSL customers can now download the free Telstra Broadband Assistant*, which sits in the background on your computer and can detect, diagnose and proactively let the user know when there is a problem with many common connectivity issues. It then provides step by step instructions to help customers fix the problem themselves, on the spot.

If a user does experience a problem with their ADSL service help is literally at hand. Telstra now also offers the ADSL Trouble Shooting Guide on mobile devices. So if you can’t connect to your fixed broadband service you can seek help through your mobile phone and tablet.

We’re also launching free double data top-ups for all our broadband customers, up to three times a year. We have already launched this service for our ADSL customers and will expand to our cable customers from July.

Everybody has months where they use a little (or a lot more!) data then they expect. It could be school holidays for some households, or Uni assignments for students or working from home more than you usually do. We don’t want our customers to worry about slowing speeds if or when these months come along, so they can simply top up their data and get another 100 percent of their allowance – for free.

This offer will give our customers piece of mind if they exceed their data allowance and their internet is slowed. They just need to let us know, ask for their Top-Ups, and we will get them back up to speed! Fast!

Each Home Broadband Data Top-Up gives the customer 100 per cent of their allowance back – effectively doubling their data. So if a customer is on a on a 100GB plan and they hit their data allowance for the month they will get another 100GB to use for the remainder of their billing cycle with each Top-Up! It’s that simple to get up to speed again with Telstra.

With the launch of these initiatives and our new Entertainment Bundles, we hope our customers can kick-back and enjoy their services worry-free.

* Service initially available for all FBB service. A cable version will be launched in the coming months. Telstra Broadband Assistant does not currently support Macs.