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Give the gift of connection: four of the best pre-paid phones for Christmas


Posted on December 14, 2018

1 min read

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to splash out on a special gift for a loved one. A pre-paid phone is a great way to connect a younger school-aged child or even a parent or grandparent to the world in the palm of their hand, especially with Telstra’s special gift of a bonus Google Home Mini with every Android phone purchase. Here are some of our top suggestions for a pre-paid present.

  • 1. Samsung J2 Pro

    For parents not wanting to hand over their shiny smart phone for the kids to smash, the Samsung J2 Pro is available this Christmas at a fantastic discount. Designed with functionality in mind, the J2 Pro features a rear curved-edge design for comfortable handling. The device has also been Telstra ‘Blue Tick certified to provide customers with optimal performance in rural and remote coverage areas in Australia. Fast enough to stream videos and run games, younger kids and toddlers will settle in for some post-Christmas lunch quiet time with this phone!

    Buy the Samsung J2 Pro here.

  • 2. Nokia 2.1

    The Nokia 2.1 is another good value Android smartphone that would make for a lovely Christmas present for young or old alike. Its big 5.5-inch display makes reading text easy, and it has a large 4000mAh battery that promises plenty of standby time. It’s also one of the most stylish pre-paid phones that you can get – good for those younger, more fashion-forward types on your Christmas list.

    Buy the Nokia 2.1 here.

  • 3. Telstra Essential Plus

    You don’t have to break the bank to pick up a high quality smartphone for Christmas. The Essential Plus runs Google’s Android software and also has access to millions of apps on the Google Play Store. At $49 down from its usual $99 price, the Telstra Essential Plus is a bargain – especially when you consider the bonus Google Home Mini gift that we’ll send you along with your new phone. You can include that Google smart speaker in your Christmas gift, or keep it for yourself!

    Buy the Telstra Essential Plus here.

  • 4. Alcatel 1X

    One of the first phones to be powered by the new and efficient Android Go operating system, the Alcatel 1X features fast 4GX download speeds in 4GX coverage areas for smooth video streaming on an immersive 5.34” screen. It also has an 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera with a dedicated flash for brighter, clearer photos along with Photo Booth, Social Square and Instant Collage photo apps for easy retouching.

    Buy the Alcatel 1X here.