The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) has played a critical role caring for some of the most vulnerable in our community – our children – for over 140 years, and the Good Friday Appeal helps continue this initiative. Get involved and give our children a brighter future.

Understanding the amazing professionalism and dedication of the staff at the RCH cannot really be appreciated until you have been personally touched.

Numbers only tell some of the story, and here are some that give an indication of the incredible work they do:

  • 85,991 emergency presentations
  • 322,291 specialist clinic appointments
  • 4,656 emergency surgeries
  • 437 children cared for on any given day

I’m proud that we are again the telecommunications sponsor for the RCH’s Good Friday Appeal which is happening this Friday, 30 March. This not-for-profit charity raises money to ensure the RCH can continue to care for our children and raised $17,605,662 last year. We are helping connect 200 phone lines for a 15-hour telethon, and you can also donate online.

A recent search of the archives has revealed that Telstra’s partnership with the Royal Children’s Hospital goes back further than we had originally thought. News articles dating back to 1955 have been found that a one Mrs. Roy Walters from the Postmasters-General’s Department, who had already been volunteering as a telephonist for ten years at that time (meaning Telstra’s involvement goes back to at least 1945), posits Telstra’s involvement at 73 years. Like this connected legacy, our involvement continues this year.

This year, our sponsorship involves setting up the telethon room for the event with the 200 phone lines needed for the 15-hour event, using our Telstra Cloud Collaboration Cisco Powered product, which is an easy way to set up a flexible and adaptable call centre. Last year we connected over 17,000 calls and we hope this year there will be many more. Open your hearts and give to the Good Friday Appeal so our children can have the care they deserve.