Frogger fans unite! You can now branch out with a range different characters and a sweet isometric view thanks to our App of the Week, Crossy Road, developed right here in Australia by the recently founded Hipster Whale.

Currently I can’t get enough of this game. The endless hopping is the foundation, of course, but the death of characters, excellent sound and great design make this a must-play.

Personally, Swift Snail is my favourite character, leaving a snail trail behind him as he navigates the rivers, highways and railway lines of the Crossy Road universe.

Depending on which character you play, you’ll encounter some great Easter eggs along the way. But I won’t give away the surprise – you’ll have to get out there and play it yourself!

The app is free to download (of course, data downloading charges may apply) and has in game purchases where you can buy the particular character you’re after. On the other hand, if you’re like me, you can do it the hard way and head through the level collecting coins to save up for those characters.

10/10 would play again.

Pictured: Swift Snail and Turtle battle it out in the need for speed

Crossy Road is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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