We are lucky to live in a digitally connected world that allows us to see the faces of our loved ones, even in isolation. However, while the online world is second nature to some, we understand that for others, it can take a bit of getting used to. That is why we have set up a new team called ‘Get Digital’ to help ensure all our consumer and small business customers feel safe and comfortable accessing our digital tools.

Update: The Get Digital team will wrap up its operations at 6pm on Friday, 5th June 2020. We are so happy to have helped over 15,000 customers since the team started taking calls at the start of April. With over 700,000 more My Telstra app users in that time, we’ve seen so many of you take the opportunity to connect with our digital tools. After Friday, 5th June, if you’d like help downloading the My Telstra app you can visit the Telstra website where we have video tutorials to guide you through how to do it, as well as recharge your pre-paid mobile, track an order, set up a direct debit and much more. If you would like to contact us, the best way to get help is by messaging us in the My Telstra app and we’ll send a notification when we’ve replied.

The Get Digital team is here to help customers navigate basic account tasks online, including talking customers through how they can check bill payments, change plans, check usage and troubleshooting. They can also teach customers how to use our self-serve tools, such as Telstra 24×7, Telstra.com.au and the My Telstra app.

Our new Get Digital team is designed to help the less tech-savvy in our community get connected with our digital tools. That way, everyone can stay on top of their services and bills and the team helps customers avoid waiting in a queue for one of our call centres. It is important to note however that they won’t have access to our customer’s accounts or records, be that order, billing or faults related, and will only provide general advice on getting online.

The team is staffed by digital gurus from around our business who work to answer calls and troubleshoot customer issues.

They started taking calls at the end of March and are now taking hundreds of calls a day.

One customer, for example, spent an hour talking with our staff to make sure they were fully set up on our tools, remarking that it’s nice to have someone talk them through it. We’re excited to make a difference in the lives of our customers, some of whom are vulnerable or living alone, and who may not have access to their normal support network.

If any of your friends or family need help managing their service digitally, encourage them to get in touch with our new team of Get Digital experts. They are available to take your call Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm AEST, Monday to Friday.