We all know the saying, “back in my day…” which previous generations enjoy whipping out to highlight how times are changing, and occasionally to suggest the superiority of the habits of yesteryear.

Of course there are those things that we know are vastly different to previous eras (no Android phones in the 60s!) but sometimes we forget that other things are changing as well, that new habits are quickly becoming the norm.  And in light of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we thought it was timely to look at how modern dating habits are being transformed by the younger generations.

Telstra’s latest State of the Nation Report1 reveals modern technology is transforming traditional dating rules, with half of all Australians aged 18 to 34 years considering it okay to ask someone on a first date via a social networking site.

Telstra's Phonemance SurveyHowever, the research also suggests many Aussies play ‘hard-to-get’ when it comes to technological courtship, with more than one-third admitting they delay adding a potential love interest to their social networks to seem ‘uninterested’, and one in five stalling on adding that special someone unless they make the initial request.

Australia’s love affair with smartphones and easy access to social networking sites means there are now so many more ways for young couples to interact than there were 10 years ago. Dating has changed dramatically since our parents were ‘going steady’ and the home phone was a dating lifeline.  Now, our research suggests timing is everything when it comes to navigating the complex world of 21st century dating.

And the all important timing question- nearly one-third of younger Australians say they’ll consider changing their Facebook relationship status after just three dates, and they’re just as quick when the flame fizzles out with one in five almost instantly updating their status to single.

Telstra’s research also reveals that despite embracing new ways of connecting with potential suitors, almost half of all Gen Y still rate the traditional phone call their top pick for asking someone out –it seems a personalised phone call is still a critical move in the modern dating game.

But with new ways of interacting with potential suitors comes new challenges –when it comes to navigating the complex world of technological courtship, remember you sometimes can’t go past a simple phone call. Also, be ‘social sensitive’ – a picture, status update or check-in can say a thousand words, so always think before you post!

Would you change your relationship status after 1-3 dates? Too soon? Let us know your thoughts below, and happy Valentine’s Day!

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