Ben Tudor has been part of the Telstra team for nearly seven years. He started in our Summer Vacation Program, before landing a place in our Telstra Graduate Program. He’s now our Penetration Testing – Senior Lead, which sits in our Cyber Security team, and he looks after a team of highly skilled Penetration Testers.

I caught up with Ben to find out about his career, the innovative projects he’s currently working on and the opportunities available to Pen Testers here at Telstra.

Can you tell us about your role and what your team does?

I lead a team of highly skilled Penetration Testers – effectively, ethical hackers. Ultimately, we are responsible for assessing applications and products that are both sold and developed by Telstra, ensuring that they meet both our security requirements and protect our customer data.

How has your career evolved at Telstra?

I started at Telstra as a Summer Vacation student in our Mobiles space. Following that, I worked as a Graduate within our Mobiles Engineering teams, before moving into the Cyber Security team. Since then, I’ve been involved in Penetration Testing, both performing assessments, and more recently leading the team.

Are you able to give us an insight into any innovative projects you’re currently working on?

The sheer volume of work that we perform across the business means that we always have the opportunity to investigate and assess new and innovative products.

A key focus area at the moment is the movement towards Internet of Things (IoT) – and the development of new assessment methodologies to meet this growing area. Other developing areas include 5G, software defined networks and big data products.

What does a career path in Pen Testing look like at Telstra?

Due to the size and scope of our team there are endless opportunities to develop yourself. From new graduates starting their journey, to our senior Penetration Testers with over 20 years’ experience, every day brings a new challenge, allowing our team to build up skills across multiple domains.

Additionally, because of the size and scope of our wider Cyber Security team, there are opportunities to develop into other areas of cyber security, giving you the ability to look at other domains that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to elsewhere.

Why do you enjoy working at Telstra? (And why should someone join our team?)

Telstra is incredibly flexible – in our team, we are lucky enough to have people across multiple states and locations, including a number of people who work in remote locations. The sheer size of Telstra also means that the opportunities are endless and that the opportunity to build your career across multiple domains and areas of the business is incredibly valuable.

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