Do you dream about working for a global technology company, like Telstra, but aren’t quite sure how to get your foot in the door?

Just like you, our people have come from a range of different backgrounds, bringing with them a unique set of skills.

So we asked some of our female leaders what tips they would give to anyone who wants to get into this industry, and then how to get ahead. Here is what they told us.

Think about your current skillset

According to Jackie Coates, our General Manager Telstra Foundation, it’s important to work on your soft skills.

“If you want to break into tech, whether you have traditional techie skills or not, focus on building these skills: creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills. These are important 21st century skills that good tech people have. ”

“Don’t overlook them because nowadays its less a case of you breaking into the tech sector and more a case of tech breaking into whatever you find yourself doing! You will need these skills to ride that digital wave with confidence.”

Be willing to learn

Our Head of Muru-D, Julie Trell, says even if you don’t have the right technical skills at the moment, you need to keep in mind that these can be developed over time.

“I broke into the ‘industry’ by having innocent (ignorant?) confidence. I didn’t know I had it, but I really just believed in what I was saying.”

“My first tech job was as a technology specialist in a middle school. I had limited training for the role but was excited about what I did know and was eager to learn. I told the principal that I liked to believe I learn things quickly, and she believed me and took a chance.”

Jackie Coates agrees and says having a passion for technology will also help you to grow professionally.

“I’ve always loved the contagious optimism you often find in the tech sector – interesting humans that have a fearlessness to try test and learn new ways of doing digital things.

“I’m not a software developer or systems engineer and while I was analogue at birth, I’d say I’ve become digital by design. I am passionate about working with skilled people to solve social challenges with tech, and I have focussed on building my skill set to enable this.”

Take risks

Ayala Domani, our Director of Innovation, says if you want to land a job in the technology sector, you should consider removing the word ‘no’ from your vocabulary.

“Have the courage to have a go. If you strip out the perceived complexity when it comes to the tech industry, you’ll find, like in any other industry that it comes down to people.”

“And people always look for smart, collaborative, resilient, fun to work with problem solvers who get stuff done. So if you have those qualities, have the confidence to have a go even if you don’t have the ‘official’ qualifications.”

Be patient

Here’s one last piece of advice from our Director, IT & Digital Solutions, Karen Hughes. She says persistence is the key.

“I have exercised a lot of patience in my career – getting to work in New York for 5 years didn’t fall in my lap – I had a long term plan and I worked on it until it happened.”

“Don’t be in a rush, and value the foundational experience you get early on in your career. It will see you the distance.”

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