Today is a very special day.

Today is a special day because it’s Cheeseburger Day.

Apparently, the humble Cheeseburger humble beginnings began in the late 1920’s when a simple change (cheese) was made to the ever-popular Hamburger. Yep, they added cheese and revolutionised the burger – and I’m forever thankful for it!

Maybe you only eat Cheeseburgers on a Saturday or Sunday, but I personally only eat them on any days that end with Y.

And to eat burgers on days ending with Y, you need to be able to find them.

So to help you find the best burgers around Australia, here’s a handy list sites and blogs that regularly feature burgers.

Bookmark them on your phone and never miss out on a delicious slab of meat and bread again!

The Urban List

The Urban List has you covered for the latest goings on in your city, but importantly they appreciate a good burger and regularly review them.

The Very Very Hungry Caterpillar

A fantastic personal food blog covering a range of delicious food throughout Australia (and some overseas). The reviews tell a great story about the venue as well as the food, and there are of course plenty of chances to read about burgers.


So apparently no place is good to go to unless Broadsheet have written an article on it, but good luck getting a booking. An article on Broadsheet is worth its weight in gold, that burger place next door to your house used be a 2 minute wait but now there are average punters queueing up in your front yard.

Of course they have every burger option worth eating covered.

That Burger Adventure

If all you’re interested in are burgers then this is where you need to go. Four mates floating around the country eating burgers, sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me. Every detail is covered from how juicy the burger is to how drowsy you’ll be after eating the delicious morsel.

Even though it is Cheeseburger Day and you should be basking in their majestic glory, sometimes eating them isn’t ideal for your Summer rig. So to keep you going, I’ve also found a couple of sites where you can stare at them longingly all day without having to drill another notch in your belt.


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