Telstra Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Telstra. We believe in the power of technology to enable all young people to thrive.

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TELSTRA KIDS: We back the next-gen of digital citizens and makers

We want all young people to thrive in the connected world and are passionate about nurturing the next-gen of digital citizens and makers. We invest in grassroots coding, digital making, cyber safety, robotics and entrepreneurial learning initiatives to enable young people to create – not just consume – technology to shape their world. We work with libraries and schools across Australia to ensure all young people can develop the skills needed for the future of work.

Partners & programs: Code Club Australia, Indigenous Digital Excellence, eSmart Libraries, PROJECT ROCKIT, Telstra Kids Fund, Moonhack, Young Change Agents

TECH4GOOD: We back the non-profits changing lives

Non-profits inspire us every day, particularly those tackling challenges facing young people. We invest in youth-focused non-profits that are reimagining solutions with digital technology. We work with teams that can think bigger, bolder and differently about what is possible for wide-scale social change. We drive impact by providing grants to encourage innovation, investing in the sector’s innovation and digital skills capacity and co-hosting the Technology and Wellbeing Roundtable to encourage networking and cross-sector collaboration.

Partners & programs: Autism CRC, Expression Australia, Big hART, eOrygen, Infoxchange, MJD Foundation, ReachOut, Remarkable, Tech4Good Challenge


We’re a small and passionate team actively engaged with our non-profit partners to help them create impact. We work with non-profits based on fit with our focus areas, our research and the organisation’s track record of social impact via digital innovation.

We do not take unsolicited proposals for funding. If you’ve got a social impact project that you want to get off the ground, check out these great tools we’ve invested in that can help:

  • Crowdfund your social impact cause with Chuffed
  • Online digital and innovation lessons for social impact specialists with Fitzroy Academy


We are social innovation professionals committed to genuine social change. We work closely with the Telstra Foundation Board of Directors to identify investment opportunities and bring them to life.


Russell Higgins, Telstra Foundation Board Chair

Fiona Hayes, Executive Director Telstra Country Wide

Matthew Linnegar, Chief Executive at Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

Jules Scarlett, Government, Regional Affairs & Sustainability Executive at Telstra

Natalie Walker, Founder at Inside Policy


The Telstra Foundation Ltd is an independent legal entity, separate from Telstra Corporation Ltd. The majority of our directors – including the Chair – are independent of Telstra. The Board has established criteria and procedures for allocating grants which it may review and vary from time to time, including any criteria or procedures referred to on this site. To contact us please email

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