The idea of working from home might have seemed outlandish 20 years ago, but this is the 21st century… gone are the days of a traditional workplace!

We live in a generation of fast-paced, constantly evolving ideas, relationships and projects; an age where a lot of us – particularly in the creative and tech industries – juggle more than one job.

Slogging it out at the same desk, with the same view, day after day just doesn’t work for many of us. The ability to work from anywhere, and at anytime, can be the make or break of establishing a career. As a creative, we need large chunks of time to really make progress on a project. That time doesn’t exist in a traditional office environment, where endless distractions can impede on your productivity and focus.

Working from home can be good for your efficiency and productivity, as it gives you more freedom, flexibility and time. It means skipping the daily commute, saving time, money and frustration (and the invasion of personal space on the train!).

Not to mention the other perks, like wearing your kicks all day, blasting your favourite tunes (Yeezy on repeat), and working in whatever position suits you (not sure about you, but I’m a big fan of the working from the floor).

As a creative team, each member of The Tailored Man works from home in some capacity. With a number of projects going at once, working from home gives us the flexibility to work individually but also collaborate when we need. With different schedules and methods of working, working from home suits our lifestyles and our work loads.

Never before has Australia been in a better position to enable the work/life balance, and Telstra is leading this movement by normalizing flexible working and maximizing the opportunity to work from home.

You can be connected to anyone, anywhere, every minute of every day with Telstra on the nbn network. Whether it’s emails, Skype meetings, transferring images, uploading photos, creating web-content or using social media channels, it all requires fast and efficient connectivity.

By working from home, you get to control when you answer calls and emails, being connected when you want to be. And you have the versatility of space, setting your home office up the way you need it. Having a controlled environment can be the key to productivity and the key to a successful career.

So, who is going into the office tomorrow…

Join the Telstra #WeWorkAtHome movement, and live the new Australian dream. The numbers say it all.

This article originally appeared on The Tailored Man.