Sometimes it’s the simple things that excite me in our high-tech world. Take FlyGrip ( for instance. What can you do with a 2.2” x 1.25” x .25” plastic accessory? The answer? A lot!

FlyGrip is an ergonomically designed accessory that attaches to the back of your smartphone (or smartphone case), fits comfortably around two fingers, allowing you to navigate your screen with your thumb. It instantly reduces the risk of dropping your phone mid text, and what’s more, you only have to use one hand.

To top it off, FlyGrip doubles as a kickstand for your phone – in either portrait or landscape mode. I must admit I was a little unsure of the benefits of FlyGrip until I tried it – and then that telling smile crept across my face as I “got it”.

This is a very cleverly designed accessory.

How many times have you done the smartphone juggle – between the car keys, your work bag, the phone, and yes, you guessed it, the phone is the one that drops – every time. Just like the buttered toast always falls to the floor buttered side down. The folk at FlyGrip give several “real world multitasking” examples, including “Read emails while holding your briefcase”; “eat a sandwich while tweeting about eating”, and my favourite “Walk and text in the rain while holding an umbrella”.

FlyGrip comes with an isopropyl alcohol wipe ( to clean the area to apply FlyGrip), an additional adhesive strip (pre-cut) and two foam pads to adjust to your finger size if necessary, and of course the FlyGrip.  The package comes with instructions on how to attach and more importantly, how to remove and use again. Made in America, you can purchase the FlyGrip for $US29.95 (plus any postage and handling) from their website.

FlyGrip recognizes that not everyone wants to attach accessories to their phone or case – so they provide with each order a complimentary case for Samsung, HTC, Apple and Motorola phones. Check out the range on their website. You can purchase additional adhesive (3-pack) for $US2.95. FlyGrip comes in a range of colours – Bold Black, Booming Blue, Gutsy Green, Mighty Magenta, Prosperous Purple, Ravishing Red, Warrior White, Yelling Yellow and Outrageous Orange.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. FlyGrip has just released a range of custom, artistic and surf related FlyGrips designed by Bethany Hamilton. (Bethany’s story was recently made into a film called Soul Surfer – I saw it a few weeks back and was totally moved by her story!). 25% of the proceeds from each Bethany designed FlyGrip will go to her foundation – Friends of Bethany – which supports shark attack survivors and traumatic amputees. Bethany’s range has Aloha Palms, Carving Wave, Melemele Plumeria and Dizzy Swirls. Additionally there are 45 new colours designed by Emma New York.

If you are looking for something practical yet different for your smartphone, FlyGrip may be just the thing.

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