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Flood Update No 6 from Telstra

Telstra News

Posted on January 15, 2011

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Telstra restoration works are progressing well. We continue to repower, repair and restore network sites wherever possible so that more customers can be connected.

Power, access to our sites, and damage by flood waters to our infrastructure continues to be the biggest challenge in repairing our network.

Maryborough streets floodedThere are still some customers that will be experiencing issues with their landline, mobile, and broadband/Foxtel services, but this number is declining due to greater access to network sites and power being restored.

It is important to note that even though we are seeing improvement in services being connected, we still have a long road ahead in repairing the network, and we will see customer impacts vary over that time.

There has been a decline in the number of areas that are inaccessible. As it becomes safe, Telstra crews will move in to repower and repair network infrastructure to get customers connected as quickly as we can. There are around 160 areas where we cannot access network sites due to safety reasons.

Key exchanges in and around Brisbane, including Charlotte, Edison and Woolloongabba, are operating well at this time, and that there are no impacts to the communications of emergency service organisations. Other key exchanges in Lockyer Valley and Ipswich areas are being powered by battery or generator.

While fixed line fault volumes are currently at 4 time their normal level there has been significant progress in the restoration of mobile sites and landline servcies. There will be delays in restoring services as damage continues to be assessed and we ask our customers to be patient during this time. To report a fault, customers should contact 13 22 03.

Latest restoration activity:

  • Mobile services restored at Grantham.
  • Optic Fibre Cable damage between Dalby and Kingaroy was repaired around 8pm last night.
  • Services restored at the Fernvale Exchange and Mt Crosby Exchange yesterday.
  • Power has been restored to Derri Derra exchange and work continues today to restore services.
  • Request made to Telstra to provide landline services to a new recovery centre in Grafton – these services will be connected today.


Telstra is monitoring the network closely.

We are well resourced with an extra 130 staff on the ground to help our local teams. We are mobilising an extra 220 technicians to begin work in the field over the weekend. A further 30 technicians from New Zealand will arrive next week.

We have a portable exchange and Cells on Wheels, which are transportable mobile base stations, that will be used where possible to have services up and running quicker.

We can advise that key interstate transmission links are holding up well.

Telstra’s 3 x 3  Recovery Plan:

We have a 3 x 3  Recovery Plan which outlines three distinct phases aimed at restoring communication services:

  • Immediate short term service: within first three days
  • Temporary network restoration: within three weeks
  • Final infrastructure build: three months

Telstra reminds customers working on cleaning up over the weekend to avoid placing large damaged items on the kerbside obstructing Telstra infrastructure and possibly hampering telecommunication restoration efforts.

To protect telecommunications infrastructure, please call Dial Before You Dig on 1100 prior to commencing any excavation works.

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