Summer holidays are a great time to unwind after a hectic year.

Time by the pool or beach can be relaxing, however escaping the heat means heading indoors and for some it’s about flicking the switch on the television and searching for your favourite movie, sports match or latest sitcom.

With this in mind, we’ve got some news which might please many that haven’t made the leap into the world of Pay TV yet, or may be looking at changing their existing package…

From today, customers can combine Foxtel from Telstra with a T-Bundle Connector Plan on their Telstra Single Bill and receive a 10 per cent discount off their monthly Foxtel from Telstra subscription.

And, if you already have Foxtel from Telstra with a T-Bundle Connector Plan on a Telstra Single Bill, you’ll automatically get the 10 per cent discount applied to your monthly Foxtel from Telstra subscription.

The beauty of this offer is that the discount applies on any subscription package charge, so customers will now be able to enjoy the discount benefit across the broad range of Foxtel from Telstra subscription packages.

So if you only want a basic Foxtel from Telstra package, or you want the ultimate viewing experience with a Platinum package, you’ll still get 10 per cent off when you have your home phone and internet T-Bundle on the same bill.

What’s more, you also get the discount on any multi-room subscription charges. Multi-room is basically another box added to your subscription, allowing you to watch different programs in different rooms of the house; something which is ideal for families with kids. You’ll still need to pay standard charges for equipment, including any charges for additional boxes for multi-room.

The new pricing provides flexibility and convenience as customers are able to change their Foxtel from Telstra package or T-Bundle Connector Plan once a month to meet their changing needs, without losing their monthly discount.

As part of introducing this flexible discounted packaging range, we’ll be removing the T-Bundle Entertainer suite, but customers who currently have one of these are welcome to stay on it.

Because great TV shouldn’t be limited to your home, an added benefit of your Foxtel from Telstra subscription is Foxtel Go – your portable companion to watch your favourite shows from some of our most popular entertainment, documentary, sports and drama channels.

As a residential Foxtel from Telstra customer, you can access a selection of live channels and catch-up content, and remote record to your iQ, for no additional charge – content will be based on your current residential package subscription (data charges may apply for streaming content).

Plus, Foxtel Go is becoming even better. Over the next few months, we’re working towards giving customers with the movie package access to a selection of movies on their iPad, and to launch Foxtel Go to iPhones and PC/Mac.

All you need to do is download the Foxtel Go app from iTunes to your iPad and log in with your Foxtel ‘My Account’ Online username. Streaming of content is available over Wi-Fi and 3G (data charges may apply), so you can use Foxtel Go wherever you are in Australia, provided you have an internet connection.

Find out more about all of our Bundle services, and Foxtel from Telstra content, including Foxtel Go.

Your reading habits might suffer – but isn’t it great to have more choice?

We’re always keen to hear what our customers think about our new offers, so let me know your thoughts.