Mat Gibbs has been trialling Google Home as part of his Telstra Smart Home set up. He shares his favourite life hacks using the device.

1 – Helping the kids learn

As a parent, your kids expect you know everything. ‘Dad how far away is the moon? What’s the square root of 144?’, ‘Why is the sky blue?’ Asking Google Home helps us keep up the myth that we remember long division, spelling and a whole range of other questions. It’s a fun way for the family to explore and learn about the world, and gives us a chance to get dinner on or take five for a coffee.

2 – Appliances off

With three kids and a dog, we’re always rushing around and it’s not hard for me to forget about the iron being on. With a Telstra Smart Power Plug connected to our appliances, we can switch off devices with a simple voice command.

3 – Prepare for the day

Before we rush out the door there’s always a few last minute questions for Google Home. ‘Ok Google, what’s the weather today?’, ‘Ok Google, what time is dinner at Nan’s?’, ‘Ok Google, what are we doing today?’, ‘Ok Google, what’s the best route to work today?’

4 – Lights on when you get home

With an arm full of kids school bags and three kids in tow, ‘Ok Google, turn off the hallway lights’ can help our mornings run a little smoother. As long as the kids can decide on who gets to talk to the Google Home!

5 – Resolve arguments

It might surprise you, but our kids aren’t always angels. They’ve hit the age where little arguments between siblings can easily turn into giant tantrums. If we’re debating issues, we can resolve them quickly with Google Home, and sometimes (on a good day), the jokes and games will get a smile out of them.

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