With school holidays right around the corner and chocolate eggs lining the supermarket aisles, you’ll want to balance the sugar hype with these adorable films and TV shows you can enjoy as a family. Your little ones will love the colourful animation and you’ll get to enjoy the adult-focused jokes on Telstra TV this long weekend.

Hop (BigPond Movies)

Easter entertainment: Hop on BigPond Movies on Telstra TV

Set in magical ‘Easter Island’, the Easter Bunny is at a loss when his teenage son, E.B., decides against continuing the family legacy in favour of pursuing a career as a rock ‘n’ roll drummer in HOP on BigPond Movies. Fleeing to Hollywood, tragedy strikes as E.B. is hit by a car, but he’s quickly taken in by a local who opens his eyes up to what he really wants out of life. With stars like Hugh Laurie, Russell Brand and James Marsden voicing these cute bunnies, there’s a good sprinkle of humour for the parents, too.

The Dog Who Saved Easter (BigPond Movies)

Easter entertainment: The Dog Who Saved Easter on Telstra TV

It goes without saying that any family film starring a gorgeous, energetic Labrador on BigPond Movies is going to bring a whole heap of love, laughs and drama. The cute comedy THE DOG WHO SAVED EASTER follows the Bannisters, a travelling family leaving their pup, Zeus, in day care. Everything is going according to plan until a crosstown rival attempts to sabotage the business, forcing little Zeus to leap into action and save Easter. This is one the whole family will love, but get ready for that dog conversation.

Rise of the Guardians (BigPond Movies)

Easter entertainment: Rise of the Guardians on BigPond Movies on Telstra TV

The action-packed animation RISE OF THE GUARDIANS currently streaming on BigPond Movies follows a team of extraordinary individuals we’re well-acquainted with, including Alec Baldwin as Santa Claus, Hugh Jackman as Bunnymund, Isla Fisher as Tooth, Chris Pine as Jack Fost and Jude Law as Pitch. With no shortness of talent in this fun animated film, the team of ‘guardians’ are stronger than ever as they are forced to defeat evil and protect the hopes, beliefs and imagination of children all over the world.

Rabbit School: Guardians of the Golden Egg (BigPond Movies)

Easter entertainment: Rabbit School Guardians of the Golden Egg on BigPond Movies on Telstra TV

Set in a colourful, animated world of animals with big personalities, an urban rabbit finds himself trapped in a daggy and old-fashioned ‘Easter Rabbit’ school where he’s befriended by a sneaky fox family scheming to take over Easter in RABBIT SCHOOL: GUARDIANS OF THE GOLDEN EGG on BigPond Movies. With the help of a friendly bunny, he acquires secret skills to defeat the malicious family and discover the true power of real friendship. Perfect for kids of all ages, this cute film is set to become an Easter favourite.

Nailed It! (Netflix)

Easter entertainment: Nailed it on Netflix on Telstra TV

There’s no shortness of shows around brilliant baking creations and flawless recipes, but what about those of us with a less-than-perfect track record? The hilarious new Netflix series NAILED IT honours those home bakers with terrible track records, giving them a chance to recreate masterpieces for a whopping $10,000. Granted, things don’t always go to plan – so expect a heap of sliding frosting, collapsing butter cakes and giggles.

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