Now in its third year, Telstra Vantage 2016 was better, bigger and brighter than ever before. Partnering with leading technology giants from around the world, the Vantage Village brought together the very latest in innovation and technology and some of the world’s leading thinkers together under the one roof.

Here are my stand outs from a massive two days that saw 4,000 guests, 1,000 experts and 17 Olympic sized swimming pools worth of technology on display.

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    Rapid transformation is a must

    Steven Denning, author and former Director of the World Bank, estimated that the life expectancy of a Fortune 500 company in 1955 was 75 years; today it is just 15 years. The rapid pace and change of technology is making transformation a vital imperative for business survival. The need to constantly change is not new, the pace at which it needs to happen is. In order to drive that change a different mindset needs to be adopted and new capabilities need to be developed.

    As Telstra’s Group Executive, Innovation & Strategy, Stephen Elop noted: “When the world changes fundamentally, that’s when in our industry great fortunes are made and lost, but in moments of great despair and disruption there is an opportunity to do things differently.”

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    Security is more important than ever

    The message at Vantage was loud and clear: security is more important than ever. No organisation today is immune to cyber threats, and as technology advances and organisations move towards complex cloud-based systems, security techniques need to evolve equally rapidly.

    As Telstra’s Director, Security, Global Products, Neil Campbell put it: “IT security should enable innovation, not hinder it”.  The trends in cloud computing that we are seeing today will only intensify, and we can expect to see a rapid increase in security technology and services being provided from and to, and residing within, the cloud.

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    Innovation is a way of life

    Digital innovation in the retail space is growing from strength to strength, via everything from digital signage to virtual stores. In the digital age, customers expect convenient and seamless interactions. For fast food businesses, innovation is a key ingredient to the recipe of success in delivering the best customer experience and winning customer loyalty. To stand out from the competition, Domino’s turned its head to digital innovation by incorporating smart use of technologies to get its products to customers in new and better ways.

    From real-time tracking apps to autonomous delivery vehicles, these innovations are the brainchild of Don Meij, Group CEO and Managing Director of Domino’s whose vision is to transform the food chain empire into a technology company. And thanks to his vision combined with unrivalled execution power , I can now order a pizza and have it delivered in eight minutes. Yes, just eight minutes!

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    Blockchain is not just for financial services

    Katherine Robins, Telstra’s Principal Security Expert busted a number of commonly held myths on blockchain. One of the biggest being that blockchain is only to disrupt the payment industry and other financial services. But blockchain is fundamentally a security technology and has potential for many other uses outside of financial services.

    At Telstra we’ve been successfully experimenting the potential use of blockchain in legal interception, environmental sensor monitoring, car safety, agriculture, network operations, fraud, compliance and audit, and e-voting.

    The Estonian government have already implemented a platform which facilitates ALL services between government and a civilian – bar getting married and getting divorced – on a blockchain platform. We’ve also found that the use of blockchain makes security across IoT devices much more efficient and cost effective for organisations and we’re excited to explore further opportunities in this space.

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    You can better yourself, every day

    Andre Agassi was our headline speaker at Vantage and he talked about his personal journey as a world-class tennis player and probably more impressively as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He shared many interesting lessons that he’s learnt along the way.

    A key takeaway for me was his message around bettering yourself every day – the importance of taking time out to figure out how you’re going to do things slightly better, little by little, every day. From my perspective this is equally as relevant in a personal and a business sense. His moving story was a fitting end to what was an exciting two day showcase of innovative technology, presentations and keynote speakers.


    Now the hard work begins all over again as we work out how to top this all at next year’s Vantage. I look forward to seeing you there! #Vantage17