It’s that time of the year when London and the rest of the rest of Europe starts to turn storybook autumnal looking as fantastic as you imagine it would. And yes, while I get that my Aussie friends are talking heatwaves and beach BBQ’s, Europe is really in fine form as we head into the festive season.

Thanks to our partner Fon, Telstra Air members can use their home broadband data at more than 17 million hotspots internationally, and bring a piece of home with you when you travel.

With that in mind here are my top five European hot spots, to ensure your next work trip is not all work and no play.



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    I could go on and on, as would your trip if we listed all the must-see sights. However as we come into the colder months, I find there’s nothing better than throwing yourself into the Christmas spirit and attending one of London’s majestic carol services at either St Pauls or Westminster itself.


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    We all associate a few key things with this time of year, family, friends, good will and also a lot of very delicious food! Paris will not disappoint with its Gourmet Christmas Food Tour, walk around this beautiful city until you need to sit down when you’re too full!

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    No trip to Europe is complete without a stroll around the German Christmas markets. The festive atmosphere is contagious and you’ll also be able to pick up some unique presents along the way.


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    There are never a shortage of sights when you’re able to admire such fascinating gothic architecture, however a top tip is to get to the Magic Fountain for a real holiday spectacle. Its water arrangements, sound and lighting with 2,600 litres of water pumped through this great fountain per second in three concentric pools, is definitely worth a trip.

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    The tulips may have retreated for the season, but that doesn’t mean that Amsterdam is any less colourful in the winter months. Whether you’re visiting for customer meetings or conferences, take some time out to check out the city’s Light Festiva and soak up the city centre and canals in all their glory.