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Five Cities to use Telstra Air in Europe

How to

Posted on October 20, 2015

2 min read

It’s that time of the year when London and the rest of the rest of Europe starts to turn storybook autumnal looking as fantastic as you imagine it would. And yes, while I get that my Aussie friends are talking heatwaves and beach BBQ’s, Europe is really in fine form as we head into the festive season.

Thanks to our partner Fon, Telstra Air members can use their home broadband data at more than 17 million hotspots internationally, and bring a piece of home with you when you travel.

With that in mind here are my top five European hot spots, to ensure your next work trip is not all work and no play.



Before leaving Australia, Telstra Air members with Android or Apple iOS devices should download the Telstra Air app and visit our broadband support page for instructions on how to access the Telstra Air network overseas.


  • Eligible Telstra home broadband customers with a compatible gateway can join Telstra Air by visiting
  • New Telstra home broadband customers can take up an eligible Telstra bundle to receive a Telstra Air compatible gateway and membership to the Telstra Air community at no additional cost
  • Existing eligible Telstra home broadband customers without a compatible gateway can purchase one from Telstra

For more information about Telstra Air you can visit or click here to see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the network.