Next G® version here for Mother’s Day

In May 2010, I reviewed the Telstra EasyCall® mobile – and stressed this 2G handset was a great phone for elderly members of your family. The phone was very popular and sold out well before demand had been satisfied.

The feedback we received was welcomed, and in a lot of cases, taken on board, as is obvious in the latest – Next G® version of the Telstra EasyCall®.

First and foremost – the Telstra EasyCall ®2 is a Blue Tick handset, which means it provides great coverage performance across the entire Next G® network and is available on Pre-Paid.

The screen is bigger (1.8”) and colour (versus the previous model’s 1.65” mono screen).

Still present are:

  • big buttons and large screen font for easy dialling,
  • audible key tones that speak to you when you dial the numbers
  • a quick access switch to contact friends and family
  • T-Coil hearing aid compatibility

There are four easy access points on the side of the Telstra EasyCall 2:

1. Flashlight

I love the flashlight feature. I’ve lost count how many times I have fumbled around in the dark looking for something that could have been found in seconds with this bright light. A simple switch located on the top right hand side of the handset turns the flashlight on or off.

2. Lock/unlock

Beneath the flashlight switch is another great feature – a slide lock/unlock switch. Say goodbye to “pocket calls” with this feature. Simple but effective.

3. FM Radio Switch

As with the previous Telstra EasyCall, the built-in FM radio does not require the attachment of a wired headset to act as the antenna. The FM radio is activated by sliding the switch towards the top of the phone, and utilises the Telstra EasyCall 2’s speakers to deliver clear sound.

4. Volume

You can adjust the volume with the rocker switch located above the FM Radio Switch.

Speaking of volume, when you turn the volume down to the lowest level (effectively volume off), you get a red crossed out speaker icon appearing on the top right hand side of the screen – as a great visual reminder as to why your phone is silent.

In Call Volume adjustment

The “0” key provides access to adjusting the in call volume. If you find the other party is too loud or too soft, hold the “0” key to set the volume to the desired level.


The charging lead is keyed and will only fit one way. The Telstra EasyCall 2 can be charged in the On or Off state.

Auto Power On/ Power Down

Ever gone to your phone in the morning to find the battery flat? Annoying isn’t it. Well with the Telstra EasyCall 2, you can reduce the risk of this happening by setting an automatic power on and power down time.

Other handy settings

EasyCall 2 Mobile – Enhanced
I found the OrganiserAlarms/Reminders function quite feature rich for a “basic” phone. Set an annual birthdays and important date reminders, Medication Reminder (daily – name and time), or wake up alarms as required. A very handy feature that will be well used.

Keeping the best until last………. “The Switch” – Personal Alarm Settings

A key feature of the Telstra EasyCall 2 is the alarm switch – affectionately known as “The Switch”. The Switch is located on the back of the handset – easily identified as it is the only red switch on the back! It can be programmed to make a call and / or send an SMS to friends or family simultaneously.

Through the Settings menu, you identify a phone number, then up to three SMS numbers. Then define the message you want sent – for example – “Please help, I’ve had a fall” ; “Going to the shops, back home in an hour”; etc.

I set my mobile number up as both the call and SMS contact, with a “please call” message. When I activated “The Switch”, an audible alarm (quite noticeable in the office) sounded for 5 seconds, then my mobile rang, and an SMS appeared on the screen with the message “Please Call”.

This feature alone makes the Telstra EasyCall 2 a phone to consider for elderly parents or loved ones.

Telstra EasyCall 2 Features

  • Network UMTS: 850mHz
  • GSM: 900/1800mHz
  • Dimensions 109mm x 50.8mm x 13.5mm
  • Weight 86.1g
  • Screen 1.8”
  • Talk Time Up to 180m
  • Standby Time Up to 300 hours
  • Additional Features Dedicated alarm/SMS/Call switch
  • Dedicated FM Radio Switch
  • In built torch
  • Dedicated keypad lock/unlock side switch
  • 3.5mm Audio Headset Jack
  • Calculator, organiser, alarm

Available from Telstra stores and partners

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