As a parent, the temptation to use the old phrase ‘do as I say, not as I do’ can be almost impossible to resist. Despite the best of intentions, there isn’t always time in the day for battles well won.

Given this, it’s perhaps not surprising to learn from Telstra’s latest research into balancing screen time that we could be doing more to set a positive example for our kids.

According to a survey of more than 1300 parents and 500 children, kids model our behaviour when it comes to how and when they use their devices, and many kids and parents alike think we’re spending too much time on devices at home.

While in this day and age it can be hard to switch off completely when you walk in the door, in 2015 I’m going to make a conscious effort to bring a mindful balance to my family’s use of digital technology – starting with my own.

If you are keen to do the same, I encourage you to check out our resources online, designed to help families to balance screen time, and create an enjoyable and positive online experience for kids and parents alike.

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