Did you know that our people speak more than 70 different languages?

That we’re born in almost 140 countries and represent more than 25 religions and faiths?

We’re a diverse group of people and we have more in common than you first might think.

And that’s what we wanted to share with you – that special something that makes Telstra, Telstra.

And that something is… Well, that something is us.

Starting next week, we’ll be showcasing what it means to be us in our Faces of Telstra series, inspired by the hugely popular ‘Humans of New York.’

Because we want you to know that we’re more than just a brand. We may be Telstra, but Telstra is a sum of parts. Telstra is a million different stories that, together, make one. And this time it’s personal.

Welcome to Faces of Telstra.