Many of us use apps to interact with businesses, whether it’s ordering your morning coffee, booking an appointment or banking. But what is less well-known is how organisations use applications behind the scenes to improve their business – and the experience they ultimately provide us.

Digital disruption is shaking up whole industries and changing the way organisations operate, the products they offer, and how they interact with customers. To compete in this global, digital economy, ‘traditional businesses’ need to transform – and they need the technology in place to do so.

Recent research commissioned by Telstra found 76 per cent of organisations believed they would be more effective if their technology and network platforms were more flexible and agile, while 67 per cent said their ability to work more collaboratively and effectively is hindered by rigid technology and network platforms.

Our international Applications Portfolio of software as a service (SaaS) solutions

Applications can help businesses accelerate their digitisation efforts by solving critical problems like helping to protect a company’s mobile devices from cybersecurity risks, helping to improve staff productivity, or enabling data driven marketing decisions.

Our suite of SaaS solutions in our international Applications Portfolio is designed to make it easier for companies to access the software they need as they transform their business. The use of these applications is underpinned by our market leading network, innovation in programmable networking, multi-cloud management and security services – other essential components for successful transformation.

But more than just offering technology solutions, we are also partnering with international organisations to provide the added expertise needed to implement this technology in a way that’s right for their particular business. We’re in a unique position to do this because, not only are many of the applications we offer also investments through our venture capital arm, Telstra Ventures, we also use many of these solutions for our own business.

For example, we created an HR app using Kony to make it easier and more efficient for employees to access their HR and pay information, as well as manage administrative tasks like submitting and approving leave requests. We also use Docusign for electronic signatures and digital content management, which has translated into a 90 per cent reduction in document turnaround time.

Growing our international Applications Portfolio

In addition to DocuSign, Guest Services, Kony, TeleSign and Whispir, we’re adding these new solutions to our international Applications Portfolio:

  • Near – A location intelligence platform that provides near real-time information on places, people and products to enable smart data-driven decisions.
  • Nginx Plus – An all-in-one application delivery platform that combines load balancing, content caching, web serving, security controls and monitoring to help organisations deliver their sites and applications with performance, reliability, security and scale.
  • Panviva – A secure, scalable cloud-based platform that provides real-time process guidance to facilitate staff productivity and reduce human process errors.
  • vArmour – A distributed security system delivering application-aware micro-segmentation that can transform how organisations protect their virtualised and cloud assets.
  • Zimperium – A mobile threat management platform providing continuous, near real-time cyber-threat protection from device, network and application attacks.

These new applications will be available in select locations in Asia, Europe and North America. Near, Panviva and Zimperium will be available from March 2017, while, Nginx and vArmour will be available in June 2017.

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