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Evolved optical network record breaking

Tech and Innovation

Posted on May 11, 2015

2 min read

Imagine having the ability to travel from Sydney to Perth in under 20 milliseconds?

While we will have to wait for teleportation technology to be invented to be able to physically do that, the link that supports the transfer of data is now a reality.

Telstra has launched a new a 100Gbps capacity low latency optical link from Sydney to Perth (two key entry and exit points of international traffic to and from Australia), with an extension from Sydney to Melbourne with a 200Gbps capacity.

With this link now fully integrated within Telstra’s core network we’re able to carry 100Gbps (that is around 14,000 simultaneous HD videos or 625,000 songs streamed all at once) in a single wavelength, significantly improving the delivery and reliability of data transfers, particularly for business applications which require low latency.

In addition to directly connecting to US and South East Asia international cables, which is critical for Trans-Australian international traffic, this new link will offer greater capacity on our installed fibre base over its busiest route.

This recent demonstration of Telstra’s technology leadership was acknowledged with a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the world’s longest un-regenerated terrestrial optical transport link. The trial was conducted between Perth and Melbourne, with its reach measuring over 10,000km.

And with this ultra-long haul capability also comes improved resiliency. This will provide the foundation for greater flexibility in managing our network and being able to respond directly to variable bandwidth demands from the customer or network conditions. If needed, traffic can be re-routed over extremely long distances with almost no delay in delivery, which is critical to our customers.

This will allow Telstra to offer exceptional levels of service guarantees to customers, such as financial traders, where delay can be costly or cloud based offerings, where any delay can impact user experience.

So while we wait for teleportation, we are confident that this new link will be able to help us manage the ever growing demand for data services in Australia.

The new optical link was supported by Ericsson and Ciena, the strategic supplier of next-generation optical equipment and services for Telstra’s network