Like many i’ve been keeping a keen on eye on what new technology is being unveiled at CES 2016 amongst the bright lights of Las Vegas.

While there’s a steady stream of wearables, smartphones and automotive technology there’s definitely a been a nod to the old school with some classics making a comeback and a new way of looking at the most used item in your kitchen.

Vinyl records are definitely back in fashion and Panasonic have capitalised on ever increasing vinyl sales and released the SL-1200 under their Technics brand. It’s definitely not going to be cheap but it’s a premium product and will be the most technologically advances record player ever made. A limited ‘anniversary’ edition of the player will be released this year with the standard model following later on in 2016.

Not to be outdone in the nostalgia stakes, Kodak has announced a modern version of the classic Super 8 camera with a 3.5 inch rotating viewfinder, rechargeable battery and support for microSD. Kodak will release the camera later in 2016.

Samsung have taken to reinventing our favourite appliance, the refrigerator. No longer do you have to worry about heading to the shops to gather groceries, you can now order via your credit card on the fridge’s enormous 21.5 inch touch screen. It will also keep track of what you have stored and can communicate with your other Samsung smart kitchen appliances.

CES still has a couple of days to play out, who knows what other tech is about to be unveiled before our eager eyes.

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