For me, 6pm signals the start of my daily downtime.  There is nothing better than switching off from the daily grind, and switching on to the things that matter- family and friends. Whether, like me, you spend your evenings relaxing from work, or if 6pm signals the start of a night out on the town, nights are a great time for us all to connect.  HTC WildfireAnd to feed your out-of-hours connection fix, I’m excited to announce one of our best offers yet for both new and existing Pre-Paid customers.

From today, customers on the Pre-Paid Cap+ offer can take advantage of Unlimited Nights which gives you Free talk and text to standard Australian numbers from 6pm until midnight on every recharge of $30 or more until 31st October 2011.  As an additional bonus, recharges of $30 or $40 will receive extra Bonus Data allowance with each recharge to help with your daily dose of facebook. That’s all to use in Australia for 30 days.

So now you can spend your evenings talking, texting or- my new favourite- Tweeting until your head hits the pillow.

For more details of this latest offer, drop me a line in the comments section or head to the link below. I look forward to seeing what you think!