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Environmental solutions

At Telstra, we are always aware of the responsibility and opportunity that comes with being Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company. Technology is changing the way we live and work and we are just beginning to understand the tremendous opportunities it presents in responding to pressing environmental issues like climate change and transitioning to a low carbon economy.

We know that proactively managing our environmental impacts will not only help us to conserve finite natural resources, mitigate risks and comply with regulations, it will also unlock valuable opportunities for us to develop innovative environmentally friendly products and services for use in our own operations and to support our customers and community. These actions will help to build community resilience, and promote greater environmental outcomes in a changing world.

For this reason we’re focused on driving efficiency through our own operations through investments in areas such as renewable energy and system and network efficiency upgrades. Our network, products and services are enabling our customers to become more efficient, fostering innovation in areas like smart agriculture and data management and storage.

We will use technology to address environmental challenges and help our suppliers, customers and communities do the same.

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Climate change and energy
Environmental solutions

Environment and resource efficiency
Environmental solutions