It’s vital we continue to foster and highlight breakthrough innovations. The University of Melbourne’s Endeavour Awards serves to identify and reward the brilliant minds of tomorrow, today, and this year’s winners are incredible.

Having a highly-skilled, diverse and practically trained technology workforce is critical to the success of Telstra and the nation. We’re playing our part in building Australia’s technology talent pipeline to help grow these skills. That’s why we’ve partnered with the University of Melbourne on a range of initiatives, including a pledge to help build the new Telstra Creator Space at Melbourne Connect, and also to sponsor the Endeavour Awards (Engineering focused awards) for the first time.

This year we sponsored three Endeavour Awards covering Digital Innovation, Customer and Community Impact and Learning and Application, and were thoroughly impressed with the calibre of entries.

Teams demonstrated their work to help decarbonise the environment to fight climate change, help prevent infant mortality, and the creation of a new electric race car standard.

Decarbonising the environment with better tech

The Telstra Digital Innovation Award recognises students able to put digital skills into practice to solve a problem.

The winners of this award created a system to visualize and model alternative energy sources and how they interact with the grid. The system can visualise different energy networks and support the injection of new fuel alternatives to simulate and enable their use.

Giving infants a fighting chance

The Telstra Customer and Community Impact Award recognises projects that aim to make a meaningful impact to the community.

The winners of this year’s award focussed on the early detection of sepsis in premature newborns, giving health practitioners up to 24 extra hours to detect such problems. The winning team created a temperature gradient algorithm to detect even the most subtle signs of sepsis in newborns, allowing health practitioners to detect it on their monitors.

Racing towards a greener tomorrow

The Telstra Excellence in Learning and Application Award recognises projects with a focus on making a meaningful impact to both customers and the community.

The winning solution from Melbourne University Racing created a full-spec electric race car, and the technical management layer that goes into supporting it.

Growing skills for the future

We’re doing everything we can to help develop students with the technology nous and critical thinking needed to help solve the world’s complex problems. And that means ensuring students pursuing STEAM skills have a place to hone their craft. Our partnership with University of Melbourne will sponsor the Melbourne Connect technology and innovation precinct. This will see us sponsor an onsite fabrication lab, also known as the Telstra Creator Space, designed to help bring these exciting new projects to life for STEAM students.

We’re proud to celebrate and support Australia’s brightest science, engineering and technology students, and for our industry and education partners to bring innovation to life.