I’m Ryan Duncis, a Telecommunications Rigger based in regional Queensland.

As a Rigger, I’m normally up a tower or mast working upwards of 100 metres above the ground. I work as part of a team to add new steel work so that our equipment can be safely secured to our infrastructure. Running cabling, attaching dishes – basically anything at height, I’m your man! We also work on the ground to check every lift is setup correctly to ensure safety and that the work occurs as streamlined as possible.

The work I do certainly isn’t for those with a fear of heights. I remember the first climb of 30m above the ground seemed really high at the time, but since then, I’ve been as high as 154m.

When you get past the fear factor, the view from atop of a mobile base station is truly spectacular. With the photos I share with my friends at the summit, my friends are pretty jealous – all taken in a safe way of course. If I ever find myself in an office job in the future, the view will be one of the things I’ll miss the most.

I’m often out in the middle of nowhere with the sun blazing on me, so my days, especially in summer, can get quite hot. But as soon as I start the climb, I usually get a bit of a breeze, and when you’re as high as I get, it’s almost like a fan cooling you down.

The job takes me to some of the most remote locations in the country, where the nearest neighbour is often a cloud. Preparing for a trip is one of the most important parts of the job. The last thing you want is to be half way through a lift with mates on a tower and not have everything you need. The drive back can often be days away.

When you’re working out in regional Australia and people see Telstra vehicles drive in, all they want to know is when the network goes live. Living in our cities, we often take a great network connection for granted. I don’t know how I would live without being so connected. The Mobile Black Spot Program is a game changer for people living in regional Australia. I’m really proud to be able to say that I’m part of a team that builds Infrastructure in some of the country’s most remote communities.