Notifying our customers about unusual activity detected on their BigPond accounts

Our increasingly interconnected world continues to provide us with new and innovative ways to communicate, collaborate, and share. However, new technology and increased connectivity can also work to the benefit of cyber criminals, with the number of cyber incidents and attacks continuing to rise. Despite this risk, our commitment to our customers is to work diligently every day to help keep their data safe and our networks secure.

In keeping with this commitment, Telstra receives information from trusted third parties, such as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) as part of their Australian Internet Security Initiative, to help protect our customers from cyber security threats. This information may relate to unusual activity on a customer’s BigPond internet service. Where possible, we pass this information on to our customers so that they can address any risk to their valuable information and stay safe online.

You may have received one of these emails from Telstra alerting you to unusual activity on your internet service – these emails will look like this:

This unusual activity could be caused by a compromised computer on a customer’s network or a malicious individual or group who may have accessed a customer’s network without their knowledge. Someone with unauthorised access to a customer’s internet service may:

  • steal personal, financial or other information – often to facilitate identity theft;
  • increase usage on their account;
  • disrupt or impair their Internet service; or
  • use their system to distribute malicious software or launch cyber attacks