So, the lid has finally been lifted on the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, and they look pretty slick.

Design and performance have been taken to a whole new level in a way that’ll see this device defying data speeds and providing some fantastic phone features guaranteed to excite any smartphone fan.

Probably the biggest takeout from the global unveil is how speedy this thing is going to be. Telstra’s network was one of the world’s first gigabit enabled networks in selected areas, and the 1Gbps Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ can only mean great things for lovers of video streaming, social sharing and online gaming nationwide.

We’ve unboxed the announcement and pulled out our top reasons to love the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Eight things for the Galaxy S8… it had to be done.

1. We love free VR
Ready to explore a new take on reality? Samsung’s new Gear VR produces 360 degree panoramic experiences that’ll allow you to do just that. And the best news is you’ll get a free Gear VR headset with Controller with your Samsung Galaxy S8 when you pre-order between 31 March and 27 April. Tap into a vast selection of content from Netflix to video games, strap on the set and enjoy the ride.

2. We love speed
You’ll be downloading, streaming, gaming and screening harder and faster than ever before with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Telstra’s ultra-fast, gigabit-enabled network has launched in selected areas and Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners could experience mobile data speeds among the fastest in the world. The phone also boasts upload speeds of up to 50 per cent faster than any previous Galaxy models in Australia, when paired with the Telstra 4GX mobile network.

3. We love a screen with a view
Now, that’s what we call “full screen”. Samsung has taken the already amazing Edge technology to the next level with an Infinity Display, a gorgeous edge-to-edge, near bezel-less design. The screen is 5.8-inch in the S8, and 6.2-inch in the S8+. With improved screen-to-body ratio designed to make phone use as smooth and comfortable as possible, nothing will stand in the way of your screen experience.

4. We love a seamless phone call
You might recall we announced Wi-Fi Calling in October last year – which, in a nutshell, is harnessing your Wi-Fi connection to automatically transfer mobile calls on the new Galaxy phones between Telstra’s 4G network and Wi-Fi (even while the call is in progress), and allow you to make and receive mobile calls in Australia wherever there’s an accessible Wi-Fi connection. Think about those nooks and crannies in the house where you struggle to receive signal. Good news is the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be completely compatible with our Wi-Fi Calling capability, which may mean fewer in-home blackspots for you!

5. We love taking great photos
The Galaxy S8 is equipped with an advanced 12MP Dual Pixel F1.7 rear camera. The dual-pixel sensor technology, wide aperture and fast autofocus work together to create sharp and beautiful photos, even in low-light environments. Perfect for lovers of social media and memory capture.

6. We love less life admin
Meet Bixby, the new way to interact with your phone. It’s an intelligent interface that makes interacting with your device, services and apps more instinctive and seamless. Bixby is intuitive, comprehensive and leverages contextual awareness to provide a personalised experience.

7. We love image search
One very cool aspect of Bixby is its image-recognition component, Bixby Vision. Bixby’s Vision interface can detect what you’re looking at, and predict what you need. Vision makes it easy to search for images, get information about nearby places, translate languages, decode QR codes, recognise faces and more.

8. We love getting it first

Now that you know what the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are all about, we bet you can’t wait to get your hands on these smartphones. So we’re opening up our pre-orders from 31 March and by pre-ordering, you could be one of the first to unbox it, with deliveries starting from 21 April – up to a week before the phone is officially available in store. What’s not to love about that?

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ here:

Gigabit LTE enabled areas of Telstra’s network are available initially within a 1km radius from the centre of the CBD areas in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with typical speeds as described below. The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4GX in all capital CBDs and selected suburban and regional areas and is progressively rolling out into more places. Typical speeds in 4GX areas are 5Mbps to 300Mbps download speeds with category 16 devices, within our 4GX footprint, the fastest typical speeds will be more commonly experienced within a 1km radius from the centre of the CBD areas in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane., 5-200Mbps with category 11 devices, 5-150Mbps with category 9 devices, 2-100Mbps with category 6 devices, and 2-75Mbps with category 4 devices. IN OTHER COVERAGE AREAS AROUND AUSTRALIA YOU’LL AUTOMATICALLY SWITCH TO OUR FASTEST AVAILABLE 4G, WHICH IS OFFERED IN ALL CAPITAL CBDS AND ASSOCIATED AIRPORTS, MOST SURROUNDING SUBURBAN AREAS AND IN OVER 600 REGIONAL AREAS, OR OUR 3G. Speeds vary for reasons like location, distance from base stations, terrain, user numbers, hardware/software configuration, download source and upload destination.