When it comes to travelling overseas, few nations do it better than Australia. In 2016 alone, 9.9 million of us jetted off to far flung lands in search of sun, sea, sand and adventure.

And while we know how important keeping in touch with friends, family, and even colleagues back home is to our customers, we also know they want peace of mind and control over their mobile data when travelling overseas.

That’s why we’ve updated our International Roaming pass with a simplified Day Pass and will soon introduce a new top-up mechanism for customers who use up their daily data allowance.

Our new International Day Pass is available in 58 countries, including popular holiday destinations like Canada, USA, Indonesia, and Mexico. It costs $10/day (or $5/day in New Zealand) and includes 100MB of data – up from approximately 75MB per day on the previous pass – along with unlimited calls and SMS to standard international numbers.

The new International Day Pass is part of our ongoing effort to make staying in touch easier, while catering to our customers’ growing appetite for data. Customers can opt-in to a Day Pass any time before their trip as they will only be charged for the days they use their mobile and will have more data to use when accessing travel services like maps, translation and social apps.

We are also replacing the current per megabyte excess data charges and introducing a new top up mechanism for customers that use up their daily data allowance. From 20 August, if a customer goes over their International Day Pass included daily data allowance of 100MB, they will receive an Automatic Day Pass Data Top-Up of 500MB for $10.

Data from a 500MB data top-up will be valid for 31 days from the date it was added for use in any of the eligible countries once a customer has exceeded their International Day Pass allowance.

We want our customers to enjoy using data on their smartphones overseas with confidence. Instead of counting megabytes, the automatic Day Pass Data Top-Up will allow them to focus on the things they really love about using their mobile overseas, like sharing photos and social updates with friends and loved ones back home.

With the introduction of the automatic Day Pass Data Top-Up, customers will receive more frequent data use notifications than previously. They will receive text message alerts if they reach 50%, 85% and 100% of their additional data and customers can also easily monitor their data use via Telstra’s self-care tools including My Plan Manager, 24×7 App and My Account.

Telstra post-paid mobile consumer and small business customers travelling overseas can also access free unlimited Wi-Fi at 19 million Fon hotspots worldwide as part of the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network.

Telstra Air includes one million Wi-Fi hotspots across Australia and millions of Fon hotspots overseas, giving our customers access to free data in more places when travelling without having to dip into their International Day Pass data allowance.

Customers can easily enable an International Day Pass online or through the 24×7 app at home, at the airport or at their destination without needing to make a phone call.

For more information about Telstra’s new International Day Pass, visit telstra.com/overseas.