We recently demonstrated the drone technology we’ll be using across Australia to help restore vital mobile services in disaster-hit communities this coming bushfire season.

Flown by our team of specialist techs, who fly 3D Robotics Solo drones fitted with sophisticated cameras up to 120 metres high, the drone technology enables techs to quickly check potential damage so we can get our customers’ services up and running again.

We know how important it is to be able to tell loved ones you are ok or get your business back online after a severe weather event. Using drone technology we can both get into a disaster site quicker, and make the working environment safer for our people. Previously, we needed cherry pickers and rigging staff to traverse from base station to base station to conduct inspections; that takes precious time. Now, ground based staff using easily portable drones can inspect our mobile infrastructure much more quickly and thoroughly, even when access tracks to our mobile sites are cut.

With more than 8,500 mobile network sites around Australia, delivering coverage spanning 2.4 million square kilometres, our mobile network is the largest in the country. We can use drone technology to improve the customer experience, during a time of need.