We recently gave technology media a chance to test our new Android smartphone the HTC Desire. They liked it.

But we recognise technology writers often have a different perspective to everyday people.

So I’m pleased to let you know that now we’re giving 25 Aussie mobile users a chance to live with the HTC Desire day-to-day and to share their thoughts. You’ll also get the phone to keep as a thank you.

This is a consumer review for consumers.

We’re calling it a ‘social review’ program and it will run for 2 weeks. Basically, we’d like our social reviewers to share their experiences using the features available on the HTC Desire running on our Next G network.

HTC Desire from Telstra

The program offers a little bit of everything to current and prospective HTC Desire owners.

  • People considering making an investment in the HTC Desire can read about the Social Reviewer’s user experience and ask questions.
  • Current owners will be able to learn more about the HTC Desire’s capabilities and share their insights how they’ve customising their handset to met their needs.

HTC Desire from Telstra We’re looking for a mix of perspectives, including people from metro and regional Australia, current Telstra mobile customers as well as people who currently subscribe to competitor services.

Reviewers also need to be active participants in social media conversations (be it YouTube, blogs, forums, Twitter etc) and share an active interest in mobiles and how they can help us find new ways to stay connected.

Once we have selected our reviewers they will be asked to regularly participate in discussions on Telstra Exchange about their HTC Desire experience on the Next G network for a two week period. We will be encouraging our reviewers to share their thoughts on other social media channels too. We are not looking for “yes people” – you don’t have to say nice things about the handset or Telstra to be selected. We are looking for honest reviewers who are happy to participate in robust discussions about their HTC Desire Telstra Next G network experience.

Unfortunately the only group of people we’re excluding from becoming social reviewers are current Telstra employees and their family members. But that doesn’t exclude employees from sharing their thoughts on the device. Just keep the 3Rs policy in mind.

Social reviewers will be able to keep their handsets after the program and will receive a pre-paid Next G SIM card to use during the program. And of course, reviewers will need to disclose their participation in the program when blogging or Tweeting etc.

Register your interest – no later than 5pm AEST pm on 10 May 2010

Registrations close 5:00 pm AEST on 10 May 2010. So if you’re interested in participating in the program you need to complete the HTC Desire Reviewer application form no later than 5 pm on 10 May 2010.

HTC Desire from Telstra