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Disrupting the surf industry


Posted on August 8, 2015

1 min read

In this series we meet people from across the globe who are connecting with their dreams and passions. #mypassion

Gary Elphick chose to leave a comfortable job to build something, and it’s called Disrupt Surfing. In less than a year the online sports platform is making serious waves in the surfboard manufacturing industry with its use of technology. 3D printing and microchips to create the world’s first socially integrated surfboards is just the beginning of what these guys are rolling out. So we took to Bondi Beach to find out what makes Gary tick… and what it means to be a true disruptor.



The above is a personal post and an interview with Gary; any commentary on third party products or services in the post is not intended to be an endorsement by Telstra, which has no association with the mentioned products or services unless expressly stated otherwise. Gary’s opinions quoted in the video are his own. Imagery provided courtesy of Disrupt.