Frontline police across WA will be issued the latest handsets as part of a push to give officers the information they need at their fingertips. By providing them with the best technology and connectivity, we’re giving the WA Police Force more opportunities to engage with and protect the community as well as boost officer safety.

Issuing a personal handset for each frontline police officer means that wherever they are across our vast regional mobile network, officers can access crucial information they need for their everyday operations. This move also supports workplace safety for officers, keeping them more connected across our regional mobile network.

The phones are equipped with access to critical WA Police Force functions including the ability to perform identity checks, search the police database, capture evidence digitally and report crimes. The devices also have a duress function, which communicates an alert to the police State Operations Command Centre when activated and provides the officer’s location.

The roll-out of these new devices for the WA Police Force will help officers work from out in the field, reducing the need for frontline police to return to their stations to complete administrative tasks – which translates to more time engaging with the community. As an early Christmas present, we’re aiming to deliver most of the nearly 4000 smartphones to police across the state at the start of December – a logistical challenge in itself!

The WA State Government is investing more than $90 million in police technology to support frontline operations, including digital mobility, body-worn cameras, automatic number plate recognition technology and upgraded digital infrastructure at police stations.

We are very excited to partner with the WA Police Force to help them transform policing in Western Australia. With the application of leading edge technology and the power of the Telstra network, WA police officers on the job can now access the information they need to better protect the community as well as boost officer safety.