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Digital inclusion


Posted on July 26, 2016

2 min read

Opportunity is intrinsically linked to access. Finding a job or accommodation, paying bills and staying in touch with family and friends are all made quicker and simpler thanks to the internet and technology – provided you are online.

The telecommunications sector has been successful in connecting the vast majority of people, but those that are missing out are at greater risk of being permanently left behind. Barriers to digital access, be they physical, financial or literacy-based, are likely to reinforce disadvantage. Digital inclusion is now recognised as one of the key social justice challenges facing policy makers and communities worldwide.

While the internet has transformed almost every aspect of our lives, three million Australians are still not online and the education, health, social and financial benefits of being connected remain out of reach.

What’s our approach?

With our core telecommunications capabilities, assets, expertise and scale, it makes good business sense for us to focus on getting Everyone Connected.

Our Everyone Connected strategy has four key objectives:

  • Affordability – keeping people connected, especially when they’re doing it tough
  • Accessibility – ensuring our products and information are accessible and easy to use
  • Capability– helping people gain the confidence and skills to enjoy the digital world and stay safe online
  • Digital innovation – connecting technology with great ideas for social good.

How are we tracking?

In FY16 we:

  • Helped more than one million vulnerable customers to stay connected
  • Reached more than 59,000 people through our digital literacy programs
  • Launched our third Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Provided $175 million of value through our social and community investment programs

What’s next?

In FY17 we will:
    • Complete our second year of research for the Australia Digital Inclusion Index measuring progress from the national baseline.
    • Launch a new product offering for vulnerable and disadvantaged Australians.
    • Expand inDigiMOB, our Indigenous Digital Mentors program, into eight new communities in the Northern Territory.
    • Continue to assist seniors to build their digital skills and confidence.


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