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Digital futures

In today’s digital world, connectivity is critical to personal and professional empowerment. As Australia’s largest communications provider, Telstra and our 32,000 employees have a huge role to play in fostering strong, inclusive communities that can genuinely thrive in this connected world.

Our industry-leading mobile and fixed networks are currently undergoing a major expansion to bring more communities online, and to meet the surging data demands of smart buildings and connected machines. At the same time, our digital inclusion and literacy programs are helping those who are digitally excluded to thrive online; our digital learning programs funded by the Telstra Foundation are reaching new schools and remote Indigenous communities; and our accessible technologies are welcoming people with a disability into the online world – often for the first time.

For while we always keep an eye on long-term global opportunities, our ultimate vision remains closer to home: to make sure every Australian has the same opportunity to connect, and to thrive.

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Everyone connected
Digital futures

Digital futures

Tech for good
Digital futures