As consumers, the way we access media and information has changed dramatically over the past few years, in fact the way we live and work has been transformed by the internet and more recently by the widespread proliferation of smartphones and the use of apps.

In the same way people play Angry Birds or use Google maps to navigate their cars, our customers increasingly chose to deal with Telstra using their PC, tablet or smartphone. The convenience of 24×7 access and being more in control provide a compelling case.

Forty-four per cent of all service transactions between Telstra and our customers now happen online.

Over six million visitors go to each month and over 20% of those on a smartphone and about 10% on a tablet.

In early mornings and late in the evening mobile and tablet users make up almost 50% of visitors. Our Telstra 24×7 App® has been downloaded more than 3.5 million times and our Telstra 24×7 Support Facebook page has been liked over 500,000 times.

So we’re changing in line with our customers’ preferences.

This week we have announced a new three year cross-company program called ‘Digital First’. Whilst there is lots of technology behind it, it’s all about how our customers and our people, including those in our stores and contact centres, can use technology to make it easier to provide great service.

Through the program we will be looking at every product and service to see how we can fulfill, service and bill them digitally. We will also look at how best to connect our stores, contact centres and field technicians together into a digital service eco system so it all works together to benefit customers and everyone has the information they need in front of them, most often in a smartphone friendly format.

Several of these digital service elements under the program exist already or are being built at the moment. But many have yet to be designed. We will roll new features out as they become available over the next three years.

To deliver this work, we’re setting up two dedicated work sites – our Digital Transformation Centres – and we’re staffing these with technology and business specialists from inside and outside of Telstra.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you the new features as we roll them out.

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Angry Birds is a trademark of Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
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