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Cyclone Yasi Update No 3

Telstra News

Posted on February 5, 2011

2 min read

Telstra has restored most mobile services on Palm Island with a portable satellite Cell on Wheels (CoW), which is providing coverage to the community, following significant damage to mobile towers on the Island.

Overnight we have seen a reduction in the number of affected landline services from 80,000 to 67,000. This number will vary due to power, access and damage.

The lack of mains power continues to be our main challenge in restoring services to our customers. However, there has been a large reduction in the number of inaccessible ‘red zones’ which means our crews will be working hard over the weekend to restore and repower as many sites and services as possible.

We will only see significant improvements in restoration when mains power is returned to areas affected by the Cyclone.

Currently, there are 410 network sites without mains power in the region. We have 60 priority sites being supported by generators.

We have 87 mobile towers without service on the network. We would emphasise, however, that our mobile network is operating well in many areas, as impacted sites often have overlapping coverage.

We have announced an assistance package for our residential and small business customers in the region. The package provides practical assistance with phone services including: free call diversions, home line call rates from one mobile phones per house, a $50 credit for mobile customers who do not have a fixed line, and the holding of customer phone numbers and email addresses.

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