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Blocking scam text messages before they even reach you

By Andrew Penn April 7, 2022
Cyber Security

Businesses urged to act now on serious Log4Shell or Log4j security flaw

By Clive Reeves December 15, 2021

We’re taking action to block scam SMS messages

By Andrew Penn November 29, 2021
Cyber Security
Confused man looking at phone

The FluBot SMS cyber attack continues to evolve

By Darren Pauli October 15, 2021
Cyber Security

Blocking political text messages: what you need to know

By Luke Hopewell September 13, 2021

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Confused man looking at phone

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We’re now blocking over 13 million scam calls a month

By Narelle Devine June 15, 2021
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Five free steps to become a secure small biz

By Darren Pauli June 4, 2021
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Getting the basics of cyber security right

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