Today marks the launch of the government’s inaugural Joint Cyber Security Centre, an initiative identified in Australia’s National Cyber Security Strategy.

This private-public intel-sharing centre is designed to co-locate government, business and academic cyber experts to facilitate working together, the sharing of information and the development of new approaches to cyber security.

The launch of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy in April 2016 by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was a significant achievement. A key theme throughout the strategy was the need for the government and businesses to work together in partnership to drive strong cyber security and ensure our ongoing growth and prosperity in a global economy.

That need is becoming more pressing. New threats and attacks are being seen on an almost daily basis now and the cyber security industry needs to be working together to share and innovate in ways that protect our community.  We have some fantastic Cyber Security capability in Australia – if we can bring together that knowledge, expertise and talent it will have a noticeable impact on our capacity to deal with the threat.

At the same time we need to be finding better ways to share data and intelligence in near real time.  We see this happen well in industry sectors (the finance industry is traditionally very good in this area) but we need to extend that across all parts of government and industry.

There is a therefore tangible need and appetite for the government and businesses to work more closely and share threat information in a timely and actionable way and we welcome the establishment of the first Joint Cyber Security Centre, located in Brisbane, as a strong step towards greater collaboration between businesses and government.

Telstra, as operator of Australia’s largest telecommunications network, understands that the internet and connectivity are fundamental to the lives of all Australians and the ongoing prosperity of our economy, and strong cyber security capabilities to protect this connectivity are critical.

We are excited about the opportunity the Joint Cyber Security Centre presents to share expertise with other big industry partners and government, and are looking forward to contributing to initiatives through the centre that will make a real difference to the online safety of Australians, proactively strengthen Australia’s cyber defences and make Australia a safe place to do business online.