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Cyber security in mining: managing risk amongst disruption 

Business and Enterprise

Posted on September 14, 2016

3 min read

The mining industry is benefiting from IT-led innovation – are your operations protected by robust and effective security?

Mining companies all over the world have an unprecedented opportunity to become more productive thanks to a new generation of technology which offers to improve business processes and increase operational efficiency.

However, adopting new IT programs is fraught with risk if the data generated is not kept secure throughout its lifecycle. Furthermore, new services – either on-premises or in the cloud – need to be managed holistically.

I talk to many people in the mining, oil and gas industries and there is a lot of excitement around the transformation of wireless networks, industrial automation, connected devices and integrating different components in the pit-to-port supply chain. These exciting developments do not need to be a risk or burden as digitisation becomes more standard.

We all know how prudent IT security can reduce risk, but there is less appreciation of how implementing security practices, tools and services can enable data-driven initiatives. In the case of mobile apps, the combination of high-speed secure mobile networks, data encryption and remote management gives CIOs a platform to confidently deploy agile new services.

How can security become a burden? When systems and applications are designed with security as an afterthought. This ends up requiring more diagnosis, management and remediation when a problem arises. With mining becoming more complex and competitive, these avoidable problems can easily stifle the development and deployment of new devices, applications and services.

That’s why IT security should be part of your organisation’s DNA. Understanding security technology lets you make changes quickly without affecting established processes.

Primed for partner security

An exciting development in mining is the advent of sophisticated data interchange between companies in the supply chain and beyond. Everything from delivery arrival times to mineral specifications and pricing data, can be sent to stakeholders via an application programming interface, while third-party cloud services have greatly improved corporate information management.

IT security is no longer something we can control end-to-end, but we can contribute to a culture of best practice wherever our information is processed.

Security will become more strategic as mines become increasingly digitised. It’s time to exploit all the potential of data protection.

Telstra can assist your organisation to meet your increasingly sophisticated security requirements.

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To learn more, download Telstra’s Cyber Security Report 2016 or read Telstra’s latest Mining Journal article providing insights into cyber security in the mining industry.